Learn Flamenco in Spain

64SVPLESP1Flamenco, Moorish architecture, Arab baths, sherry wines

Imagine immersing yourself in Spanish culture as you spend 14 days getting to know southern Spain intimately!

This is a personalized tour with a Spanish-speaking tour guide that will introduce you to Andalusian cities and towns that are distinctive to Southern Spain. This unique tour caters to people who wish to experience Spanish culture with an emphasis on discovering the art of Flamenco. We offer the opportunity to combine organized classes with a truly memorable itinerary. Apart from providing a cultural flavour, this tour provides the traveller with the sensation of actually living in Spain.

More Information : www.spainculturaltours.com

Learn Spanish the fun way

An Alternative to learn a language (Spanish, Enlish, German or French). You don’t have the time to go to an academy or set up a regular class…BUT you still want access to native speaking teachers… Well here is your chance: with a tutor 24 hrs / 7 days a week without interruption. You can also join small group classes when your schedule permits. Check this out!!

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