El Lebrijano

He was born in Lebrija (Seville) in 1941, into a family with a long flamenco tradition. His real name is Juan Peña Fernández. He began his career in the flamenco clubs in Seville, before joining the company of Antonio Gades. He has made over thirty albums, including ‘De Sevilla a Cádiz’ (1967), where he was able to bring together ‘Niño Ricardo’ and Paco de Lucía; ‘Persecución’ (1976), an album on gypsy history with texts by the poet and flamencologist Félix Grande; and ‘Encuentros’ (1988), accompanied by the Andalusí Orchestra of Tangiers, in which he combined flamenco and Moroccan music, a discovery which went on to become a constant feature of his work.He died in Seville in July 2016.

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