Salero Caló

Salero Caló Flamenco Group brings together performers with a diverse range of musical experience.  The group  has a collective  passion for authentic Flamenco and strives to capture and project the essence and the spirit of the art form through music, song and dance.

Over the years and since its inception in 2003, the group has performed at several private and public functions.  It’s festival debut performance took place in June of it’s inception year at the Medecine Hat Jazz Festival where the group was featured as one of the main acts.  During this same year, the group began performing regularly at the Village Cantina initiating what became considered the group’s signature tablao style performaces.  These performances are always held in intimate settings providing traditional Flamenco as is seen in Spain at Tablaos and Peñas.

In 2004 the group participated in several high profile events including the Expo Latino (the now Calgary  Hispanic Festival); the Multicultural Food Fest whereby the group was invited to perform at the opening ceremonies as the only then- professional group to invitees including the honourable  Steven Harper and other delegates; the First Thursday Inside Out Fair at the EPCOR Centre’s Jack Singer Concert Hall ; and the World Peace Conference concert at which the group performed along side Canadian icons: Tom Jackson, Connie Kaldor, and Johnny Reid.

In 2005 the group’s regular tablao style shows moved into the the highly sought after Beat Niq Jazz Club venue where the group continued to entertain its regular audience at consistently sell out shows. In the summer of this same year another tradition commenced:  Salero Caló and Fineza Flamenca Dance school dancers represented Spain at the Global festival fireworks competition and participated in the Dances of Arabia Pavillion during the Festival’s week long celebrations. Following that performance the group represented and still represents Spain at the festival’s main stage every year and are actively involved with the Spanish Pavillion, which was conceived through the efforts of Annette Morcos, the director of Salero Caló group and the Fineza Flamenca dance school.

Apart from these intimate performances the group embarked on a three city tour during the winter / spring of 2007.  The tour took the group into the Canmore  Collegiate High School Theatre, the Timms Centre of the Arts in Edmonton and the Scotts Block theatre in Red Deer.  The group received positive feedback particularly from the Edmonton Flamenco community and the Red Deer audience. In this same year members of the group performed in Annette’s production “Raíces – A Journey through the Roots of Flamenco” which took place on two dates: May 4 and November  16.  Both shows were sold out.  Raíces featured several accomplished local guest musicians and dancers as well as unique eastern instrumentations.

In winter 2011 members of the group performed at the Jack Singer’s Theatre duet stage during the Paco Peña concert at the  Epcor Centre for the performing Arts. The  group represented the Calgary local Flamenco scene before the concert and during the intermession break.

Salero Caló continues to provide its intimate Flamenco shows at the now Wine-Ohs Bistro and Cellar (old Beat Niq Jazz Bar). For dates of performances please consult this website from time to time.

Saler Caló performers include:

Annette Morcos (Founder, singer, dancer), Francesca Canalizo (Dancer), Maria Regnier (Dancer), David Matyas (Guitarist), and Jonathan Lewis (Violinist).

Other Performers:

Pradeep Vyas and Robin Tufts (Percussion)