Festival Performances on this week June 12 – 20

The Flamenco world has taken on the internet in order to keep their annual festivals going. Now more than ever audience, all over the world, can actually attend performances they couldn’t before. Whether this will or will not last beyond this COVID-19 year, is not certain so why not take advantage of what circumstances have provided us. On this week is the Festival Flamenco Alburquerque in New Mexico, one of the main North American Flamenco festivals. The festival started on the 12 of June but there are still concerts until the 20th. This festival brings some of the greatest of Flamenco each year to the city of Albuquerque

Tonight’s performance, for those that can attend, will feature Mercedes Ruiz and Rocio Molina. The performance description is as follows:

“These artists represent different perspectives of flamenco from their urban lofts and outdoor spaces. Ruíz and Lara are a perfect pairing of guitar and dance. Es†évez and Paños are renowned creators, celebrating 17 years of partnerships making provocative and original dance works. Molina is one of the most groundbreaking artists of this era, recognized globally for both her technical virtuosity and fearless expression of flamenco. “

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Wednesday June the 17th performance will be highlighted as well in this blog. The performance titled “Noche de Cádiz y Sevilla” features Juan José “El Junco“, Susana Casas, El Galli, and Miguel “El Rubio”.

Also performing will be singer Jesús Flores, who Calgary audience may remember from our 2011 Calgary production “Luna Mora“, that brought Jesús Flores, along with Juan Torres and Luna directly from Spain. Jesús a native of Moron de la Frontera, one of Spain cities with great flamenco song heritage, has built a reputation as a singer for dance and has accompanied many of the greatest Spanish Flamenco artists including Antonio Canales, Concha Vargas, and El Junco, amongst others.

Annette Morcos, director of Flamencocalgary.com, has had the pleasure of recently studying with El Junco in the fall of 2019, in Seville, where she resides. El Junco is an artist with an impeccable sense of rhythm (soniquete y compas). Among his credentials, el Junco was a member of the Cristina Hoyos dance company before she brought him with her to be the main dancer and her assistant choreographer when she directed the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia.

Annette Morcos, having a bad hair day, is the third person to the right of El Junco

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For the list of all festival performances visit festival website


This week and until June 17th, you can also watch Karime Amaya’s performance ‘La fuente’ – presented by #flamencodesofá (flamenco from the couch), a project aimed at supporting Spanish flamenco artists that are affected by the pandemic.

Karime Amaya is the great niece of the legendary gypsy dancer Carmen Amaya. In this performance Karime gives homage to her family name.

The performance translated synopsis is as follows:

La Fuente (spring) is an immersive show about the need to grow and expand. A spring that springs from the underground allowing the movement of flamenco to flow beyond the land where it was born. ‘The family’ makes up a great part of the underlying tone and therefore it is this land and it’s expression that inevitably emerge in this performance. In what is considered her first production Karime Amaya intends to, as the great Carmen said in an unpublished interview, “have the last name Amaya live forever.” The show is directed by Juan Carlos Lérida.

The project relies on donations (optional) than can be made by clicking on the link provided below the video provided below. In this case the funds from this performance will be handed over to Karime Amaya’s company and will be divided between the artists that are featured in the recording and all the support staff.

This performance is available for watch until the end of 17th of June Spanish time (4pm Mountain time)Watch video